About BraMHanee

Waterjet Cutting has enormous advantages and as such it has gained widespread recognition throughout the world. But it is in a very primary stage in India.

BraMHanee Industries recognizes this fact and hence it has adopted Waterjet Cutting Technology to cater to Central and West India. We have imported a high end Waterjet Cutting machine from TOPS, Korea and developed a state of the art manufacturing facility at Butibori.

BraMHanee Industries is established by Entrepreneurs who have a combined experience of over 53 years in the field of CNC Router Manufacturing, Quality Control, Project Management and Sales and Marketing. We have embarked on a road map full of opportunities and challenges and eventually dream of becoming pioneer in offering Waterjet Cutting solutions in Central and West India.

Waterjet Advantage

Cutting Process

Can cut heat sensitive materials such as Rubber, plastic or Composite material.


Finishing is high, accuracy is 50micron

Can cut upto 200-300mm

which can not be cut by other machines e.g. Laser, Plasma


Cutting speed is very high

No limit in cutting material type

Can cut any material including those which can not be cut by Laser/Plasma Machine

Waterjet Cutting and Laser Cutting

Waterjet Cutting Laser Cutting
1) Cutting Material Almost all material Hard to cut Aluminium, Bronze, Can not cut Rubber, Plastic, Composite Material
2) Cutting Thickness Upto 250mm 12-20mm
3) Cutting Precision High Not as much as Waterjet
4) Heat Release Not affected by Heat Affected by Heat